Smart Risk Management with CIMOS™
User concept ... in just one day to learn
Variant management based on flexible FMEA modules
Action Priorities acc. to AIAG / VDA guidelines
Risk Management with fully integrated Control Plan
Function Analysis tool for sophisticated DFMEAs
FMEA Software Solution suitable for SME companies
At an unbeatable price-performance ratio

Software CIMOS™ FMEA - Your working tool

Smart solution for Design and Process Risk Management

Conformity to standards

Action priorities and form sheet designs in accordance with the latest AIAG / VDA red print ed.

Core tools solution

Consistency of FMEA and control plan, FMEA and CP are always perfectly coordinated



Can be integrated into daily business:
Process steps and system components as reusable standard analysis modules

Open concept

Interface for the convenient exchange of FMEA data with Office packages, such as spreadsheet editors

++++    Medical device manufacturer NORAS MRI products GmbH in Hoechberg / Germany orders new CIMOS™ license    ++++    Bruker Nano GmbH in Berlin uses CIMOS™ for risk analyses in the field of spectrometry    ++++    Superior Industries Europe (Uniwheels) extends application of CIMOS ™ FMEA to additional locations in Germany and Poland    ++++

 The requirement of the FMEA demo version is not associated with any obligations.


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Approx. 120 companies from different industries (automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical technology ...)

Carl Freudenberg, Elring Klinger, Imeco, Superior Industries, Koelle Ltd., Aurubis Stolberg, AMT, Schulte & Co. Ltd., Iron foundry Martin-Lamitz etc.

Retrospective:  CIMOS™ FMEA from 1989 to now   CLICK HERE

Detailed information on the CIMOS™ methodology concept   CLICK HERE

The FMEA software CIMOS™ was developed in years of joint project work with QM and R&D departments from manufacturing companies.

The core of the network compatible application is a modular system of standardized working step (PFMEA) or function / component modules (DFMEA, FMEA-MSR) arranged in tree structures (parts lists, process hierarchies).

CIMOS™ analyzes, plans, controls, reminds, compiles decision-relevant information and eases routine work.

The user already masters the software operation with basic knowledge.

If you have any further questions (e.g. regarding the planning approach to specific projects), please contact our specialists team.

As part of our strategic release policy, upgrades with provided migration tools and subsequent software expansions are guaranteed at all times.



The history of FMEA is shaped by more than twenty years of function and failure net methodology application. Resource consumption and invested efforts have assumed grotesque forms and thus triggered excruciating questions about a paradigm shift.
But what does the future of the FMEA look like ?

Too complex and time-consuming approaches in the form of rigid arrow diagrams for so-called "malfunctions" have to be replaced by manageable strategies. In many cases the roots of the FMEA idea have been abandoned.

Especially with regard to interacting components, the predictive identification of events must take priority.

The structure of CIMOS™ focuses on this way of thinking.

Execution of high quality FMEA analyzes based on flexible variant trees:
Simple and clear handling, making it particularly suitable for SMEs  (small and medium sized companies)

Data import for "those willing to change" from Office / MS Excel™

Time-saving modular system for product and process families

Root cause diagnosis in form of Ishikawa diagrams, impact assessment supported by component usage display 

Knowledge base for analog failure patterns, along with the ability to search and import

Effective workload relief through checklists, use of project templates and text catalogs 

•  High performing relational database system

•  Full support of all FMEA types (Process, Design, FMEA-MSR)

•  Modular structure based on process step / function related resources

•  Tree chart representing current system and/or process structure

•  User defined standard text catalogues and checklists for data entry

•  Copy function for complex FMEA system tree structures (product variants)

•  Unlimited text volume in FMEA forms, internal entries for comments

•  Definition of individual PN evaluation factors

•  Prioritization of actions according to cost/effect levels

•  FMEA form printout acc. AIAG/VDA 2019 or user defined

•  Fault tree (cause/effect diagrams) and risk matrices as additional print formats

•  FMEA version manager with release status und automatic filing (archives)

•  Time limits supervision and full "Action Priorities"(AP) support acc. to AIAG / VDA redprint ed.

•  Application controlled eMail dispatch of corrective action reminders

•  Risk Priority Number (Occurence, Severence, Detection) ranking list

•  Pareto chart for risk evaluation

•  'Executive report' for consolidated management information

•  Text retrieval and search functions for detection of analogies in former studies

•  Passwords for user specific functional application restrictions

•  Control Plan acc. to ISO TS, consistently linked to the FMEA data

•  Interface for 3D viewer applications

•  WindowsTM ExcelTM utility for data import from external FMEA spreadsheets

•  FMEA form content comparison to show the modifications between different version releases

•  Floating server license: Price as single user, access from any network PC possible

•  Self-sufficient, no third-party tools or external database licenses required

Intuitive user interface:

The CIMOS™ development concept is focused on clear structure and simple operability. Experience with our clients has shown that on-line training and workshops regarding program operation can be completed in abt. 6 hrs. (via conference tool). 

Software screenshots w/explanations   CLICK HERE

CIMOS™ in brief (Flyer)   CLICK HERE

Demo version, free of charge, Passwort "level1"   REQUIRE HERE

Demo unlimited in time, identical to full version.
Limitation: max. one page FMEA form printout (with watermark), form preview on screen without restriction 

Windows™ 10 / 8.x  als x32/x64, min. 4 GB RAM

Windows Server™ 2019 / ...16 /...12 /...08,  min. 500 MB free space on hard disk

Company-specific offer, depending on needs and desired configuration, optionally including a maintenance contract with update service


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